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Pageantry over the years has blossomed dating from its start in the 1880's. It has had considerable impact in the world through several projects from serving Queens and Kings as their transformative nature is geared towards the development of the society.
Thus the entertainment sector stands incomplete without them. With global recognition, it calls for steady promotion because it stands as an agent for people and socialization of states and the world at large.

In an effort to celebrate and promote culture, Krisari Entertainment Limited created a dual pageant brand called Duke and Duchess Pageant Brand™️ (DDPB), that serves as a medium for celebration and promotion of culture, peace and unity through out Africa. In addition it can be a life-changing experience that opens doors for several winners to business, the arts, media, retail and other commercial ventures. The Duke and Duchess Pageant Brand™️ (DDPB) celebrates our unique culture and those that have dared to be different in the industry.
Krisari Entertainment Limited owns the Trademark to the Duke and Duchess Pageant Brand™️, Pageants under this brand include, but not limited to;
Duchess of Nigeria, Duke of Nigeria, Duchess of Niger Delta, Duke of Niger Delta, Duke of Africa, Duchess of Africa, Teen Duchess of Nigeria, Face of ONELGA, Duchess of Zambia, Duchess of Ghana, Duchess of South Africa, and all pageants with the phrases Duke or Duchess across Africa and worldwide. With DDPB, the world can be your oyster as the brand has achieved phenomenal success. Every aspect of the the brand supports the ideals and attributes of today’s women and men – a woman/man who has goals and ideas about their role in society. This is emphasized by the associated charitable causes which benefit from DDPB’s patronage. It also serves as a platform for fighting against child abuse, cancer, violence, youth restiveness, pre-marital pregnancy, and much more through pageantry and cultural sustenance. 

Our objectives include, but not limited to;
- To clebrate the African culture and bring out its peaceful and unifying traits.
- To promote and discover talents in contestants.
- To promote creativity and innovation.
- To celebrate the African fashion and music industry.
- To provide a platform for youths to display their creativity.
- To promote peace and unity across the continent and the world at large

Remember Our Culture is Our Pride, Peace and Love is what we want - Lets Celebrate our unique Culture


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